Personalized Legal Advice

The firm provides personalized legal advice for the protection of personal and corporate assets and credit reorganization; it has participated directly in the restructuring of liabilities of business groups located in various states of the Mexican Republic and in Mexico City, advising the client and negotiating with creditors, according to global plans and strategies for renewal and continuation of the business, so its members have extensive experience in the management and care of bankruptcy proceedings

Develops the planning and integral management of civil and commercial procedures

In areas involving contracts, civil liability and moral damages, inheritance, family, insurance, trusts, telecommunications, patents and trademarks, finance, contracts, energy, environment, and others.

The preparation, litigation, and management of indirect and direct amparo proceedings

In civil, commercial, and administrative matters, as well as issues related to constitutionality; practice developed before the federal judicial authorities and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

Pro Bono Work

Bufete García Jimeno performs extensive pro bono work, through consultancies and collaborations in favor of private assistance institutions and philanthropic organizations, focused on helping people and vulnerable or marginalized groups of society..